Anthropology and Theatre Direction d’ouvrage - 1994

Hélène Bouvier (dir.), Anthropology and Theatre , numéro spécial de la revue Theatre Research International, n°1 (19), 1994, pp. 1-66. ISSN 0307-8833

Foreword/Introduction (H. Bouvier) and 5 articles :- James L. Peacock/Hélène Bouvier : "’Ludruk’ Revisited : An Epistolary Interview with James L Peacock"- Barbara Hatley : "Contemporary Indonesian Theatre in the Regions : Stage Idiom and Social Referentiality"- Stacy Wolf : "Talking About Pornography, Talking About Theatre : Ethnography, Critical Pedagogy, and the Production of ’Educated’ Audiences of ’Etta Jenks’ in Madison"- Elie Konigson : "Dramatized Spaces Between History and Anthropology"- Hélène Bouvier : "An Ethnographic Approach to Role-Playing in a Performance of Madurese ’Loddrok’".

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