In the Shadow of Pan/Dionysus : Ambivalent Animality in the Works of Jean Giono and Henri Bosco Article - 2012

Alain Romestaing

Contemporary French and Francophone Studies, 2012, pp. 525-533. ISSN 1740-9292. 〈〉


Jean Giono and Henri Bosco, whose works are very different, can be related not only through the common ambivalence towards animals displayed in their works, but also for the reasons of this ambivalence. In many instances, even if in different ways, they both speak very highly of animals inasmuch as they consider them to be models of a certain partaking in the world. Yet, both authors also express a clear fear of animality. The aim of this paper is to show how and in which way a Dionysian opening in the works of Giono and Bosco, crystallizes their fascination and fear of the Earth because it obliterates the differences between its creatures. For Bosco and Giono, this Earth can prove to be animated by a dark and terrifying will power.

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