Meurtre alimentaire et rentabilité Article - 2015

Alain Romestaing

Alain Romestaing, « Meurtre alimentaire et rentabilité  », Contemporary French and Francophone Studies, numéro spécial Money/L’argent, 2015, pp. 485-492.. ISSN 1740-9292. 〈〉


The breeding and the slaughter of the animals intended for the human consumption do not escape the exacerbated constraints of profitability. But this requirement of the profit—justifying a scientific, technical, and commercial rationalization of the practices pushed to the extreme—leads to an obliteration of the animals as well as the human beings in charge of transforming them into products. If we examine the chain which goes from the stockbreeder to the consumer such as it is depicted in French works of 20th and 21st centuries, we attend an unprecedented transformation of the relations between animals and human beings. As a matter of fact these relations don’t exist anymore because the dissimulation of the “food murder” is refined until inhumanity.

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