A celebration of Franco-Argentinean neuroscience. Article - Janvier 2012

Daniel J Calvo, Diego A Golombek, Daniel Shulz

Daniel J Calvo, Diego A Golombek, Daniel Shulz, « A celebration of Franco-Argentinean neuroscience.  », Journal of Physiology - Paris, janvier 2012, p. 1. ISSN 0928-4257


Cultural exchanges and interactions between France and Argentina are not restricted to tango, exile stories, sports or fiction literature. Indeed, scientific interactions represent one of the most active areas of collaboration between the two countries. This Special Issue of the Journal of Physiology (Paris) includes some of the papers presented at the First Franco-Argentinean Symposium in Neurosciences, which was held in Buenos Aires in November, 2010. This was the first joint meeting of the Sociedad Argentina de Investigación en Neurociencias (SAN) and the Société des Neurosciences Française (SNF), and brought together many Argentinean neuroscientists as well as French guest speakers.

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