A curve fitting genetic algorithm for styling application Article - 2007

Marc Sevaux, Yves Mineur

Marc Sevaux, Yves Mineur, « A curve fitting genetic algorithm for styling application  », European Journal of Operational Research, 2007, pp. 895-905. ISSN 0377-2217


The fitting of curves in computer aided geometric design is generally regarded as an optimisation problem. According to the application, conditions to be satisfied can make the problem difficult to solve with classical methods. Stochastic ones, such as genetic algorithms, therefore appear as a relevant way of solving. We consider here a curve fitting problem aiming the generation of shapes with specific curvature variations. A particular curve model have been developed with this aim. Its implementation within a genetic algorithm have been carried out. We describe its main characteristics and present promising result. This technique can be used as an alternative method in the design of car bodies.

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