A Woman Called Moses. A Prophet for Our Time Ouvrage (y compris édition critique et traduction) - 2020

Jean-Christophe Attias

Jean-Christophe Attias, A Woman Called Moses. A Prophet for Our Time , Verso, 2020


What if there was another Moses, very different from the one we know ? According to tradition, Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible. Depicted there in suprising and contradicting ways, and both for and against his people, bringer of the tablets of law which he then breaks. By way of a series of possible portraits—including one of a female Moses—Jean-Christophe Attias follows the metamorphoses of the Hebrew liberator through ages and cultures. Drawing on rabbinical sources as well as the Bible itself, he examines the words of the texts and especially their silences. He discovers here a fragile prophet, teacher of a Judaism of the spirit, of wandering, and of incompleteness. The Judaism of Moses speaks to believers and others—to Jews, of course, but also far beyond them, inviting its hearers to have done with tribal pride, the violence of weapons, and the tyranny of a special place.

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