Le poète swahili et sa légende. Le cas de Hemed Abdallah el-Buhry dit "Mzee Kibao - Article - 2012

Xavier Garnier

Xavier Garnier, « Le poète swahili et sa légende.  », Swahili Forum, 2012, pp. 60-71


Hemed Abdallah el - Buhry (1850 - 1928), known as ’Mzee Kibao’ and coming from a prestigious family of poets from Tanga, can be considered as the inventor of a new relation between poetry and reputation in the context of the German conquest of Tanganyika. The aim of this paper is to analyse how the ap parently anti - epic attitude of ’reputation through non - action’ is the main narr a- tive device of Hemed’s tenz i . This poetry of ’prevented actions’ can be considered as an important turn in Swahili poetry in the new historical context of colonisation

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