Liberalism, communautarism and euthanasia Article - Septembre 2007

Karine Bréhaux

Karine Bréhaux, « Liberalism, communautarism and euthanasia  », Journal international de bioéthique et d’éthique des sciences, numéro spécial Sep ;18(3):53-61,, septembre 2007, pp. 53-61. ISSN 2555-5111


The controversy surrounding the right to die illustrates the impossibility for political liberalism to put aside the moral and religious convictions of individuals. This is contrary to the issue of abortion, where the political values of tolerance and the equal rights of women as citizens constitute a sufficient base to conclude that women are free to chose for themselves if they wish to have an abortion or not. The claims in favor of the right to die in dignity concern a category of the population : patients at the end of life. Does the majority always win over the minority ? Confronted with social emergency, political solutions put in place in favor or against the recognition of the right to die have fostered numerous political spectra, such as liberal or communitary theories.

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