Model of metastable EeV dark matter Article - Juin 2020

Yann Mambrini

Yann Mambrini, « Model of metastable EeV dark matter  », Physical Review D, juin 2020. ISSN 1550-7998


We propose a model where a long-lived pseudoscalar EeV particle can be produced with sufficient abundance so as to account for the cold dark matter density, despite having a Planck mass suppressed coupling to the thermal bath. Connecting this state to a hidden sterile neutrino sector through derivative couplings, induced by higher dimensional operators, allows one to account for light neutrino masses while having a lifetime that can be much larger than the age of the Universe. Moreover, the same derivative coupling accounts for the production of dark matter in the very first instant of the reheating. Given the sensitivity of the IceCube and ANITA collaborations, we study the possible signatures of such a model in the form of Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays in the neutrino sector, and show that such signals could be detected in the near future.

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