Moments of luxury : Hedonic escapism as a luxury experience . - Article - Août 2020

J. Holmqvist, C. Diaz Ruiz, L. Peñaloza

J. Holmqvist, C. Diaz Ruiz, L. Peñaloza, « Moments of luxury : Hedonic escapism as a luxury experience  », Journal of Business Research, août 2020


Understanding how consumers experience luxury represents a challenge ; despite the rapid growth of luxuryexperiences over the past decade, luxury research remains focused on a product-logic. In responding to calls formore research into luxury experiences, we draw from a three year ethnographic study in theorizing“moments ofluxury,”which we define as a collectively based, consumer-driven experience that features hedonic escapismand modifications to conventional luxury characteristics. Consumption experiences become luxurious as con-sumers forge an unconventional form of exclusivity that builds upon aesthetic dress and movement, authentichistory and decor, and exclusivity-by-practice, in achieving temporally brief, hedonic escapes from everyday life.Thefindings provide insights for providers of consumer experiences and for established luxury brands, boththrough the focus on the role of hedonic escapism in forming consumers’luxury experiences and through theidentification of an alternative form of exclusiv

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