On Backreaction in Newtonian cosmology Article - 2018

Thomas Buchert

Thomas Buchert, « On Backreaction in Newtonian cosmology  », Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc., 2018, L46-L49


We clarify that a result recently stated by Kaiser is contained in a theorem of Buchert and Ehlers that is widely known for its main result : that there is no global kinematical backreaction in Newtonian cosmology. Kaiser cites this paper, re-derives parts of the theorem, but incompletely restates its content. He makes further claims, which cannot be proven beyond the limited context of Newtonian cosmology. We also discuss recent papers of Rácz et al. and Roukema, who claim the existence of global backreaction within the Newtonian framework.

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