On Islands and Deserts : Algerian worlds Article - Juin 2019

Tristan Leperlier

Tristan Leperlier, « On Islands and Deserts : Algerian worlds  », Journal of World Literature, numéro spécial Locations of World Literature (Francesca Orsini and Laetitia Zecchini ed.), juin 2019, pp. 215-236. ISSN 2405-6472. 〈https://brill.com/view/journals/jwl/4/2/article-p215_5.xml?rskey=Lr59cE&result=9〉


This article argues for the necessity for world literature and postcolonial studies to examine both global hierarchies of literary legitimacy and those local practices which might challenge them, and give perspectives for other significant geographies. To do so, it focuses on the bilingual and transnational Algerian literary field ; this requires different levels of interconnected analysis, namely of the two linguistic subfields, the intermediary level of national literary field and the two Francophone and Arabophone transnational literary fields. Trajectories and literary works of three very different yet linked writers, Rachid Boudjedra, Tahar Djaout and Tahar Ouettar, are examined in turn. The article traces both the global and linguistic inequalities to which they were subjected as well as their practices in order to argue that they reveal unexpected vectors of circulation between spaces and languages. Finally, this piece explores how and why each writer reinvents a world within their desert novels, that is, by narrating wanderings in the desert that are also explorations of national identity.

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