Parametrization of the surface energy in the ETF approximation Article - 2020

Ubiratãn José Furtado, Francesca Gulminelli

Ubiratãn José Furtado, Francesca Gulminelli, « Parametrization of the surface energy in the ETF approximation  », J.Phys.G, 2020, p. 015102


We perform extended Thomas–Fermi calculations in the Wigner–Seitz cell below and above neutron drip with realistic functionals. The resulting energy density is decomposed as a sum of bulk terms and a surface term, and a compressible liquid drop analytical formula is used to fit the surface tension. The effect of curvature terms and neutron skin is studied in detail. A very good reproduction of the microscopic data is obtained using an expression that depends only on the mass and charge of the cluster, showing that the in-medium modifications of the nuclear energy in the presence of an external neutron gas can be effectively accounted for in the isospin dependence of the surface tension. In this first application, aimed at establishing the fitting protocol, we concentrate on the Sly4 energy functional, but the study can be easily generalized to different functionals, and the resulting parametrizations can be used for direct applications in pasta calculations in neutron star crusts and supernova matter.

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