Quantum memory for Rindler supertranslations Article - 2018

Sanved Kolekar, Jorma Louko

Sanved Kolekar, Jorma Louko, « Quantum memory for Rindler supertranslations  », Phys.Rev.D, 2018, p. 085012


The Rindler horizon in Minkowski spacetime can be implanted with supertranslation hair by a matter shock wave without planar symmetry, and the hair is observable as a supertranslation memory on the Rindler family of uniformly linearly accelerated observers. We show that this classical memory is accompanied by a supertranslation quantum memory that modulates the entanglement between the opposing Rindler wedges in quantum field theory. A corresponding phenomenon across a black hole horizon may play a role in Hawking, Perry, and Strominger’s proposal for supertranslations to provide a solution to the black hole information paradox.

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