Reflective modular forms and their applications Article - 2018

Valery A. Gritsenko

Valery A. Gritsenko, « Reflective modular forms and their applications  », Usp.Mat.Nauk, 2018, pp. 53-122


We prove that the existence of a strongly reflective modular form of a large weight implies that the Kodaira dimension of the corresponding modular variety is negative or, in some special case, it is equal to zero. Using the Jacobi lifting we construct three towers of strongly reflective modular forms with the simplest possible divisor. In particular we obtain a Jacobi lifting construction of the Borcherds-Enriques modular form Phi_4 and Jacobi liftings of automorphic discriminants of the K\’ahler moduli of Del Pezzo surfaces constructed recently by Yoshikawa. We obtain also three modular varieties of dimension 4, 6 and 7 of Kodaira dimension 0.

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