Risk-taking behaviour of family firms : evidence from Tunisia Article - Décembre 2019

Dorra Ellouze, Khadija Mnasri

Dorra Ellouze, Khadija Mnasri, « Risk-taking behaviour of family firms : evidence from Tunisia  », International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, décembre 2019, pp. 192-221. ISSN 1476-1297


Using a unique database of 87 Tunisian non-financial firms over the period 1998-2014, we analyse risk-taking behaviour of family firms. We find evidence that family ownership is positively related to corporate risk-taking. But family firms undertake less risky projects when the manager is not a member of the family or when the founder is no longer active in the firm. Our results show also that in these cases, family ownership becomes negatively associated to risk-taking. Finally, we find that family firms take more risk only when they belong to diversified groups, especially those operating in several industries.

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