The Enigmatic Emerging Role of the C-Maf Inducing Protein in Cancer Article - 2021

Mario Ollero, Dil Sahali

Mario Ollero, Dil Sahali, « The Enigmatic Emerging Role of the C-Maf Inducing Protein in Cancer  », Diagnostics, 2021, p. 666. ISSN 2075-4418


The C-Maf-Inducing protein (CMIP) was first described as overexpressed in T cell subpopulations of idiopathic nephrotic syndrome (INS) patients. Later, it was found concomitantly upregulated in podocytes. CMIP expression has also been reported in several types of cancer, including blood malignancies and solid tumors, in many cases accompanied by nephrotic syndrome. In addition to these observations, the duality of CMIP overexpression in the kidney and INS lesions, has been extensively reported as one of the adverse effects of anticancer therapy based on anti-receptor tyrosine kinase drugs. As a consequence, a growing body of evidence points at CMIP as playing a role in cancer. This includes its reciprocal regulatory ties with NF-κB and WT1, and the more recent reports showing an involvement in regulatory circuits in cancer cells. The ensemble of the current information justifies to propose CMIP as an important piece of the puzzle of biological systems involved in cancer and other diseases and its potential as a target

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