Une saison en wolof [A Season in Wolof] Article - 2018

Alice Chaudemanche

Alice Chaudemanche, « Une saison en wolof [A Season in Wolof]  », Etudes Littéraires Africaines, 2018, pp. 59-72. ISSN 0769-4563


Among Boubacar Boris Diop’s works written in Wolof, his novels and self- translations have received more attention than Nawetu deret (2016), the translation he made of Aimé Césaire’s play, Une Saison au Congo (1973). This article will focus on this complex literary object which can be read as a theatrical adaptation as well as a postcolonial translation, or as a new text written in Wolof, and we will try to determine its place within the Wolo- phone literary field. First, we will go back to Boubacar Boris Diop’s project to translate Césaire for the stage in Senegal. What is the impact of this re- inscription of Césaire’s work in Senegalese territory on the enunciatory devices of the play ? To what kind of theory of drama does this translation belong ? We shall indeed see how, as a play written in Wolof, Nawetu deret contributes to strengthening a dramatic tradition that relies first and foremost on the written text. Finally, this preeminence given to the written text shall lead us to question the role of translation in the development of a written literature in Wolof, poised between standardization and creation.

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