Environmental justice. Extraction and cultural resistance in Africa (2021-2024)

Responsables : Xavier Garnier, Phyllis Taoua (U. Arizona)

Programme soutenu par "France Arizona Institute for Global Grand Challenge"

Participants Thalim : Xavier Garnier, Margaux Vidotto
Autres participants : Phyllis Taoua (U. Arizona), Aurélia Mouzet (U. Arizona), Elara Bertho CNRS/LAM, Clara Randimbiarimanana (U. Arizona)

Our team is uniquely qualified to tackle the grand challenge of understanding how African actors resist environmental injustice through cultural expression. The most important contribution our research makes is to show how culture operates and the vital role cultural resistance plays in moving forward differently. Ordinary citizens in African cities can testify to the immediacy of these issues. As our environment is increasingly endangered, literature and popular culture are playing a vital role in raising awareness and shifting the terms of the debate. Many of the environmental crises in Africa today are not of their own making, most derive from extraverted economies of colonial extraction. Ecopoetics, an innovative development in literary criticism, helps us interpret how African writers represent their relationship to the natural world and mobilize citizens across the continent. Activists in citizen-led movements also use culture to promote environmental justice as integral to human rights and substantive freedoms.

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