Commonwealth Essays and Studies

Tectonic Shifts:The Global and the Local Numéro thématique de revue - Octobre 2011

Christine Lorre (dir.), « Tectonic Shifts:The Global and the Local », Commonwealth Essays and Studies , 34.1 (Autumn 2011), SEPC, Octobre 2011

The analogy of tectonic shifts used in this issue of Commonwealth Essays and Studies evokes the cultural and literary upheavals that characterise globalisation. The metamorphic transformations caused by historical events of far-reaching consequences have made worldwide interrelationships easier and more abundant. The eight essays here show that the “global” is overwhelmingly synonymous with new local configurations, not uniformisation or binary confrontation. They also reveal that literary works, by blurring boundaries and loosening tight definitions, lead to a decentering of the European perspective – and any other form of monolithic perspective on history, language and culture.