International Research Network on Postcolonial Print Cultures Virtual Seminar

Organisateur : Laetitia Zecchini

The seminar of the IRNPPC brings together scholars working in the field of postcolonial print cultures who situate themselves at the intersection of postcolonial studies and literatures, book and art history, print and material cultures, and work in/on a broad spectrum of languages, contexts, forms/genres and media.

It is held every two months, virtually, in order to bring together members of the network whose institutions are located in different parts of the world (South Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, etc.)

The network at developing a comparative and transnational framework to understand how genres, forms and actors long considered ‘footnotes of literary history’ – the ephemeral non-canonical forms, genres and formats such as little magazines, periodicals and newspapers, tv and radio broadcasts, drafts, pamphlets, advertising material etc. – have in fact been instrumental to the development of postcolonial literary cultures, instrumental forces of postcolonial and decolonial struggles, and sites of North/South and South/South transnational exchanges.


Séances du séminaire

Séance(s) passée(s)

  • Sonal Khullar, The Arts of the Book in South Asia

    Sonal Khullar (UPenn) will present her new edited volume Old Stacks, New Leaves : The Arts of the Books in South Asia.

    The volume considers the relationship between manuscript and print, and between precolonial, colonial and postcolonial cultures of the book with special attention to visuality, materiality, use and exchange.


  • International Research Network on Postcolonial Print Cultures Virtual Seminar