"Bombay Poets, Indian Modernisms and the Cultural Cold War" World Languages and Literatures Colloquium

Intervenant : Laetitia Zecchini

Programme : The Impact of non-governmental writers’ organisations on free expression

World Languages and Literatures Department, Boston University
Boston University, 745 Commonwealth Avenue,
6th Floor
STH 636

The Cold War is one of the indispensable contexts against which postcolonial modernisms must be reconsidered. This talk will focus on Bombay/Mumbai, which became an incredibly rich breeding ground for a particular kind of modernism and modern poetry after Indian independence. The struggle over the political and aesthetic implications of “freedom,” a defining feature of the cultural Cold War, was also a struggle over the meanings of modernism—a struggle that played out in the work and correspondence of certain "Bombay poets" and in spaces such as "little magazines.”

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