Seminar “Sociology of international circulation of literature” Communication dans un congrès

Tristan Leperlier

Tristan Leperlier, « Seminar “Sociology of international circulation of literature”  »


Seminar Program Sociology of International Circulation of Literature ACLA, Chicago, 17-19th March 2023 VALENTINE Colton : "Henry James as Multilingual Intermediary" LEPERLIER Tristan : "The Bridge and the Engineer : Translators of North African Literature in the USA" HUANG Tao : "Between World(ing) Literature and China’s Cultural Diplomacy : A Sociological Study on the Translation Paradigms of Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction" ROIG-SANZ Diana &. CARBO-CATALAN Elisabet : "Mapping global literary circulation. The role of national institutes’ translation programs" RAZAKAMANANTSOA Miaïna : "Packaging “foreign” literature : The international circulation of exoticizing paratexts" MUENCHRATH Anna : "Algorithms as Actors of Literary Circulation and Translation" SABO Oana : "The Watty Awards and the Circulation of Literary Value" TERLUNEN Milan : "International Circulation Through Plot Summary : The Social Life of Maupassant’s "The Necklace"" LIBMAN Ben : "The Americanization of the Nouveau Roman" XING Ying : "René Étiemble’s Odyssey of Maoism : Thinking World Literature through the Spread of China and Maoism in France" LAWRENCE Patrick : "Global License, Domestic Deviance : Editorial Opportunism in a Transnational Literary Market

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